A Breakfast Date

Okay, so this isn’t exactly something you can do on a Saturday night.

But then, when you become mum, the opportunity to enjoy some alone time with your other half doesn’t come around too often.

So, when Mr S and I realised we both had a morning off work at the same time, we decided to make the most of it and scheduled in an impromptu breakfast date after the school run.

And the venue of choice for our snatched morning of romance? Coleman’s Garden Centre on the outskirts of Templepatrick.

Don’t think intimate and cosy, instead think spacious, bright and airy.

The food is fantastic – the breakfast menu is full of deliciously inviting options, all cooked fresh to order.

Homemade granola, pancakes, bacon and maple syrup, eggs benedict and avocado, and poached egg all make an appearance on the menu.

If you’re feeling a bit naughty, there’s a whole host of traybakes on offer.

But on the day in question, I begrudgingly remembered my (mostly unsuccessful) attempt at a healthy eating regime.

(Can you blame your figure on baby weight when your youngest is nearly two?)

I opted for the local butcher sausage sandwich and decided to give the caramel square a miss (go me), while Mr S chose the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.

I loved my breakfast – the sausages are obviously a better quality than the ones you grab off the supermarket shelf and it was even enough that I didn’t miss my caramel square.

The smoked salmon and scrambled eggs isn’t your typical garden centre coffee shop offering either – it’s clear the chefs are trying, and succeeding, to push the boundaries a little and not just sticking with the same old same old English breakfast menu.

“Delicious,” was my husband’s assessment.

Better than the food, however, was the company and Mr S and I had the chance to catch up properly during daylight hours, and I’m not sure that’s happened since 2013.

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