There’s a Monster in Your Book

There’s a Monster in Your Book by Tom Fletcher

“He’s hanging on!

What a naughty little monster!

Give the book a good wiggle…

Ok, now he’s back over there.

But there’s still a monster in your book!

Try spinning the book round and round…”

If you’re a certain age like me (the wrong side of 40), you’re probably familiar with Tom Fletcher as one quarter of the pop band, McFly.

You know McFly, they came out with earworms like All About You and Obviously (I’ll bet you’re singing one of them in your head right now and apologies if it stays there all day).

Anyway, after becoming a mum to Grace, I discovered he has reinvented himself as a children’s author, and not a bad one at that either.

He is behind The Dinosaur That Pooped… series of books, which has been a perpetual favourite in our house for quite a few years.

We have The Dinosaur That Pooped the Bed and yes, it is as disgusting as it sounds, but it is also funny and – given the subject matter – it captures the imagination of my little one very well.

Better still, it’s a book that I actually enjoy reading too.

Is it just me, or does your heart sink when your little person falls in love with some dull, dull, dull book and insists you read it to them every night, month after month?!

Well, The Dinosaur That Pooped the Bed is definitely not one of those.

Anyway, back to the book in hand, There’s a Monster in Your Book, which is also written by Tom.

As the title suggests, there is a monster in the book and the reader is invited to try all sorts of things to try and get rid of the pesky little beast, from tipping the page over, turning the book around and even shouting at the monster to scare it away.

The illustrations are bright and colourful and I would say it’s great for younger ones to encourage them to listen and follow instructions.

The interaction with the reader is definitely a positive for us.

The vocabulary isn’t so advanced either, so it was possible for Grace to read along as well, which I love.

It can be a bit of a challenge to find a book that appeals to a toddler and a school age child, but this book definitely manages it.

Ethan loves the colours and images (what two-year-old boy doesn’t love monsters?) and he loves being involved in trying to scare away the monster, something his big sister enjoys just as much.

This is absolutely a hit in our house, not only do the little people love it, but my head isn’t in my hands when they want to read it, which makes it a winner as far I’m concerned.

What Grace said:

“I really, really like that you get to do things to get rid of the monster. It’s because you get to turn the book round and round and side to side, it’s really fun.

“My favourite part is when you get to tickle the monster and I also like where you have to shout at the monster as well.

“I think it’s good the way the monster nibbles the book.

“I love the very end page when you get to close the book gently, it’s really cool.

“The monster is really cute, but I don’t really like his outfit because he kind of looks like he’s stuck in prison.”

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