Tyrannosaurus Drip

“Out hatched Babies One and Two,

as perfect as could be,

But Mother T was horrified by

Baby Number Three.

And she grumbled, ‘He looks weedy.’

and she grumbled, ‘He looks weak.’

And she grumbled, ‘What long arms –

and look, his mouth is like a beak!”

With a nearly two-year-old dinosaur enthusiast living in the house, this seemed like the perfect book to bring home from my latest shopping trip.

Of course, Julia Donaldson is the author behind The Gruffalo, which is a perpetual favourite of my little people.

So, without even looking through the book, I was confident that Tyrannosaurus Drip would also be a hit.

What we found when we sat down to watch it was a brilliantly funny story all about celebrating difference.

While that message was somewhat lost on my rambunctious toddler, his older sister was enthralled.

She listened intently as we found out what happened after a placid duckbill dinosaur’s egg ended up in the nest of a fearsome family of Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Poor little Drip – all he wants is a quiet life munching on water weed but instead he ends up being pushed around by his gruesome meat-loving T-Rex siblings.

Even better is the fact that the story reinforces what my daughter is already learning at school about rhyming and she was even able to try out reading the odd sentence or two.

Meanwhile, while my little one didn’t quite pick up on the morality contained in this tale, the illustrations were enough to pique his interest and he growled loudly as each page was turned.

All in all, Tyrannosaurus Drip was a rip-roaring success.

What Grace said:

“My favourite part is when the Tyrannosaurs Rex try to eat the duckbill dinosaur because it made me feel nervous, like the dinosaurs were really alive.

“I sort of laughed in my brain when the T-Rex fell down the waterfall because they had been so mean to the duckbill.

“I like the colours in the picture, I thought the colour of the T-Rex was pretty and the colour of the duckbill was pretty cool.”

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